Job Scams – Our 101 Guide For The Wise And Wary

Oct 18, 2023

Too good to be true

If a job offer seems too good to be true—it probably is! It's natural to get excited about the prospect of making more money than you ever thought possible or working less than you ever expected—but deep down, you have to wonder why. So if that receptionist job at R80k a month with monthly travel is enticing you, we seriously ask you to reconsider.

Its all in the detail

A legitimate employer will provide thorough details about the company, the position, and what is expected of employees. If the offer skimps on specifics or leaves out important information, then it might not be worth pursuing. Moreover, if there are typos or grammatical errors in the job listing, it may also indicate that it is not 100% legit. That job requiring a senor manger is not the one to apply for!

Payment Before Work

No reputable employer will ask you to pay money before they hire you! This includes "processing fees" or other requests for funds prior to starting the job. If someone asks for payment upfront—run away! It is likely a scam designed to get your hard-earned cash with nothing in return. Remember, you're trying to make cash, not lose it!

Weird Communications

It isn't unusual for companies to contact potential employees through email but keep an eye out for strange communication habits like misspelled words, poor grammar/punctuation, unprofessional language, and sudden requests for personal information like bank account numbers or identity numbers. And their email address is always a definite giveaway – trust us, Standard Bank isn't going to approach you with an email address like

Research and Verify

Do some research on any potential employers before accepting any offers! Check online reviews and see if their website looks professional and well-maintained; if not, that could signal red flags ahead! Additionally, make sure to verify any claims made by them by searching online; remember that anyone can put anything they want on a website, so don't take anything at face value until you've done some digging around first! 

Be wise and wary


Job scams can take many shapes and sizes so it's up to us to protect ourselves but with a little bit of caution and a whole lot of common sense, you can avoid falling for them. So, keep your eyes open, your head held high, and your wallet safely tucked away. And who knows, maybe your dream job is just around the corner – and it definitely won't require you to pay for it. Happy job hunting!