Overview & Benefits of Jobmail.co.za

Oct 25, 2023

Jobmail currently has over 14 000 available vacancies, and you can sort by keywords, job title, or region, which goes a long way to narrowing down that massive list. We love that you can also search by hiring companies, and you can even create a free job alert without having a profile – simply complete a few fields and who knows before you finish reading this, you may even have some potential jobs to look at. And yes, they do have a handy app, so you are guaranteed not to miss any opportunities.

Creating a profile

Creating a profile on Jobmail is straightforward, and we particularly like that they don’t ask for unnecessary information. They have two options letting you decide if you want to complete either their quick or full registration process. We recommend going for the full registration option as it isn’t onerous, and the more detail you give, the more likely you are to find jobs relevant to your needs. The required information is standard, and you can instantly upload that professionally designed CV from one of our Make A CV templates.


Jobmail.co.za also has a fabulous training and courses feature. While you are out there searching for your dream job, you are bound to come across some skills you either need to upgrade or learn from scratch. They have a list of a variety of education providers and the various courses they offer, making it easy to identify which courses are best suited to your needs.


Jobmail has a great blog section that is regularly updated and has some really interesting posts on topical subjects. As you know, here at Make A CV, we are all about making you stand out from the crowd, and any website that provides you with information that can help you on your job search journey is a winner in our books. They have also published two volumes of an eBook called The Jobseekers Guide To Finding A Job in South Africa which are free and can be downloaded directly from their website.

On a final note


Jobmail.co.za ticks all the boxes and is definitely a worthwhile addition to your job search. So grab a cup of coffee, upload your CV, and start searching!